One persons trash is another persons TREASURE!

My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment last November and neither of us had very much furniture. We now had a lot of space and nothing to put in it. I have always loved a good antique or thrift store. If you go often enough you will hit it just right and find the most perfect thing whether you were looking for it or not.
Now that I have started my challenge shopping second hand is even more important to me. And believe me I have fond GREAT stuff!

If you live in the Boston area and are looking for furniture I suggest driving out to the Salvation Army store on Route 1 in Saugus. They have a regular Salvation Army store in the front facing the street but if you drive around to the back there is a HUGE furniture garage.

Now I know from the picture it looks a little junky and on this particular day the garage was not in top form but trust me you can find some really nice stuff here. If you like retro and vintage pieces this place can be a gold mine and the stuff is so reasonably priced.
Below are a few things I have scored there;

I only buy the furniture that is in excellent condition and a lot of the time the stuff looks brand new.

Craigs List is also a great place to find things you may have been looking for. I had been wanting a chaise lounge since we very first moved in. I looked all over and found a few I liked in places like, Ikea, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, You know, all of the places you look when trying to make a house a home ;)
When I started to think about the trash I would make buying a huge piece of furniture I turned again to Craigs List.
Look what I found!!!

Now, this piece may be a little to eclectic for some but I have friends who have bought beautiful Crate and Barrel bedroom sets on Craigs List as well. You can really find almost anything on Craigs List.

Throughout most of my 30 day challenge I have been mostly looking at the little things. The day to day trash I make, however bigger purchases make bigger trash so it is even more important to look for alternatives.

I am really happy to say I have completely furnished my apartment by shopping on Craigs List, GoodWill, Salvation Army and the Cambridge Antique Market. Not only did I not make trash but I saved a few things from becoming trash.
That definitely makes the heart feel good.

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:: A S K :: said...

OMG I looove that little window seat bench thing! Nice score!