Days 6-8

1 Week down and 3 to go! I have learned so much about myself and my trash making habits and also have gotten some great feedback from people. One of my friends even wanted to take on the challenge herself. Imagine if trying to not make trash became a hot new trend! Not making trash could be the "new black".
With all of the positive reinforcement I am excited to get started on week 2 so thanks to everyone for all of the support.

Saturday was compost day. I brought my green bucket (which was packed to the brim) to the recycling and compost center. It turns out the residents of Cambridge have responded so well to the pilot program the city is going to extend the program past July. That just makes me so proud to be a resident of the city of Cambridge!
Did you know that a pound of compost equals a pound of carbon not released into the atmosphere. Maybe next week I will weigh my bucket so I know how much carbon I saved from being released!

After I dumped the compost it was off to Vermont to visit the family. What I have found during the "No Trash Challenge" is that to not make trash you have to always be thinking ahead.

The drive is about 4 hours and we always get hungry for snacks. There are plenty of places along the way to pick something up but we all know what the floor of the car can look like after a road trip, littered with trash!

To avoid this I packed a little tailgate picnic. It was fresh watermelon, strawberries, cheese and crackers for us! All packed in tupperware containers that I could pack again for the ride home.

It was a great first week. I did make a little trash but I am not going to be to hard on myself. I have found great alternatives in places where I saw myself making trash. At the end of the week all the trash fits in this little cigar box.

I hope to make even less in the following week.
Stay tuned!

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