Days 12-15

The week had been going great. I hadn't made much trash and I found a great new kitty litter that can be flushed in the toilette and put in the compost. It was the second biodegradable litter I had tried. The first one was made of little pine pellets. it was fabulous at hiding odor but after just a few days the pellets had turned to sawdust and the kitties did not like this at all! After one night of protest from our little furry housemates I ran out and bought the "Worlds Best Kitty Litter".

I know other people who use this as well. I highly recommend. The kitties love it, the house doesn't smell and it doesn't make trash.
Three cheers for the Worlds Best Kitty Litter!

After the success of the litter things took a turn for the worst. I had been doing so well up till now but I had also been making some sacrifices along the way which had definitely been making it easier to not make trash. I wasn't going shopping on a whim, I wasn't eating out, I really was keeping my spending to a minimum. The conclusion I came to was the more money I spend the more trash I make. The other conclusion I came to is that I make the most trash when it comes to food.

For instance going out to eat. Most of the time the portions are to big for me to finish. Next time I go out to eat I will bring a container with me for my food scraps/leftovers and bring them home. Unless the establishment uses "to go" containers that I can either re-use or recycle. On this particular morning I had left the house hungry for breakfast and not thinking ahead. If I had been prepared I would not have left the food on my plate to be tossed into the restaurants trash.
*note, I at least finished the fruit ;)
Paper napkins are also a problem at most of the restaurants I go to. I really should bring a cloth one with me and hand the napkin back to the waiter for them to use on the next person. But if I am unprepared and not thinking ahead I can always bring the paper napkin home and put it in the compost.
Yes! You can put some paper in the compost too.

I wish I had taken a picture of the contents of my bag after the Roller Derby on Saturday night. Plastic beer cups, styrofoam plates and cardboard popcorn boxes. Now, not all of these things were mine but I didn't want the people I was with making trash on my time so I brought it all home and it went in my recycling bin.

After almost two weeks of not shopping you can imagine my itch to consume. I brought an extra bag from home so all the trash I was really making was the little tags and most of them could be recycled. However I found an amazing deal at the earring store and had to stop myself after two pair since the plastic backing they came on could not be recycled.

To Spit or To Swallow?

Get your dirty mind out of the gutter you pervert. I am talking about the piece of gum I got from a friend. Not until I was happily chewing away did I stop to think "what I am going to do with this gum when I am done chewing"?

I just couldn't bring myself to swallow it. They say it stays in your intestines for like seven years! So I trashed it. :(

At the end of week two I had made less trash than the week before so that was great news. I was bummed because I was really trying for no trash but I still have two more weeks to nail this thing. Next weekend I am going to a wedding in Virginia. I am really going to have to do some planning and thinking ahead so I am prepared for any trash I might make.
Stay tuned for the update! ;)

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Neil said...

The boyfriend here, chiming in. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the "World's Best" compostable kitty litter did not really work out as well as we had hoped. I know it said it would last for what, 30-something days, but WE only lasted about 4. In retrospect I think those little pine nuggets masked the smell better, even if it did get dusty toward the end (and we did have a couple kitty protests). Regardless, kudos to Dayva for hunting down these alternatives! She's doing a great job on her challenge and the kitties and I appreciate her efforts (as well as her continuing to feed us).