Day 9 - 11

Biodegradable Floss!!
I bought this at the Harvest Coop in Central Square in Cambridge but I know you can find it at other health food stores and of course at Whole Foods.
What I am finding to be the biggest bummer about the earth friendly alternatives is the price. This little box of floss is five bucks! Luckily floss lasts awhile but with such a high price tag it doesn't make it easy to be trash free. The sweet thing is that after I am done flossing my teeth I can put this right in the compost.
A nice thought my boyfriend brought up when I was complaining about the cost of my "non -trashy" alternatives was this; "We either pay the price up front at the register or we pay the price down the road with the damage to our planet".
I personally would rather pay the price now.

The next change I made to my lifestyle over the past few days was with feminine products.

There are actually quite a few options to choose from and you can find them at health food stores or order them online.
I chose these two. They definitely take awhile to get used to and may not be for everyone. Maybe even not for me but I decided I would at least try them during my challenge.
Many people were recommending the Diva cup to me and to those people I would like to ask "have you actually tried the Diva cup or have you just heard about it?"
I will say I am giving it a concerted effort. I find it to be more or less comfortable and It worked great over night. It's not the easiest thing to use and I don't recommend it during the day if you will have to be using a public restroom, like at work. Give it a try and see if it is right for you, at the very least you and your girlfriends can laugh about it later.
I haven't tried the sponges yet but I am guessing it will be more of the same.
Was that a little TMI? I feel like that was a little TMI. But hey I am deep in week two and have made barely any trash so thats good news!


:: A S K :: said...

Um so how did the feminine products work out for ya? I'm not sure I can take it that far...

trashed out said...

Like I said they may not be for me but I did it for one cycle to prove my commitment to the challenge ;)
It will be up to you. Maybe just try them when you are at home and at night.
Can't wait to read your post!