Day 5
Tonight we were having dinner guests and I was craving steak. That meant making a trip to my favorite place to buy meat.

I have been a vegetarian and vegan on and off in my life for 17 years. I know all the arguments on both sides. That being said, now I am a meat eater. Since I know the meat industry is the root of all evil I always try to find the most humane and earth friendly place to buy the meat i eat ;)

If you live in the Boston area, or are up for an out of the way trip, you have to go to Lionette's.
They are located in the South End of Boston on Tremont St.
Not only does the meat come from healthy grass fed cattle (they have fish and lamb too!) its all local!

The meat comes wrapped in paper which after you rinse off can be recycled. No plastic wrap or styrofoam here!

The one downfall I see to Lionette's is the price. It is definitely a little pricey. I don't cook steak often so I usually go there. If you don't live in the Boston area and don't want to pay the high price, I suggest finding your local butcher when buying chicken, steak, ground beef, lamb, even bacon.
I believe most butchers use a similar wrapping paper. If not you should ask them to start!

A trip to the meat area at the supermarket can be a trash nightmare with all of that extra packaging. I know some of it can be recycled but, I am not only trying to be trash free, I am also trying to use less. So from now on it's the butcher for me!
(I also love chatting up the butcher and getting cooking tips.) Its a total win/win situation.

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