Day 29-30

Today marks the final day of my challenge. I can not believe it has already been a month! Someone just asked me if I was happy it was over and I blurted out "yes" with out even skipping a beat. I am not happy it is over so I can start being wasteful, I am happy that it is no longer a challenge and I can start to just make it a way of life.
It was a great experience and I really encourage others to try 30 days for themselves. You really get a chance to be more mindful about how you live, what you use and what you throw away. It also forces you to look further into how much you can recycle and to be a more thoughtful consumer.
The great thing I learned the other day is that you can recycle soft plastics. Plastic bags, food bags and packaging, plastic wrap, etc.
At the end of the month this was the trash I had made, barely half of a paper shopping bag.

But after discovering I can bring my soft plastics to the recycling center (the one bummer is that you can not put them in the blue recycling bin) I had made even less trash this month!

So at the end of 30 days here is the trash I made. Lots of little odds and ends but nothing to major. I wasn't entirely "trash free" just in case any of you had placed bets ;) however I gave it a concerted and thoughtful effort.

What I am most excited about is that the challenge doesn't end with my 30 days! Ashley has been following my blog closely and asking great questions. She has decided to continue with her own "No Trash 30 Day Challenge" and I can't wait to read it. So keep checking in and passing the blog along to more and more people!
Who knows, maybe someone will take up the challenge in August.
Thanks for staying interested and stay tuned for more!

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