Day 2

Monday June 2nd
So far so good! Aside from the tea bag I had left in my mug over the weekend and the sticker on my bottle of cranberry juice, I haven't made any trash. I got to pack my lunch in the cool new lunchbag I bought over the weekend!

We have a great little shop here in Cambridge that sells all sorts of post-consumer recycled goodies. Not to mention biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning supplies. So if you are in the Cambridge area, make sure to stop by Greeward in Porter Square!

Plus, check out my cool green bowl. I bought this awhile ago
from Whole Foods and I just love it. It makes me so happy to eat my
lunch out of it. :)

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Stephanie said...

I shop at Greenward all the time! I really love it there. I also have the Preserve green bowls. Have you checked out the Preserve toothbrushes? They are made from recycled materials and you can recycle them!