Day 19-22

Last week was going to have been my best week yet! I had made about three pieces of trash. However I hardly spent money on anything and not shopping really helps not making trash.
I was getting ready for my trip to Virginia and knew to bring an extra bag for any compost, recyclables or trash I might make that I would need to bring back with me.

I started by packing food to take with me for the plane rides and didn't partake in any plane beverages or snacks. I even kept all of my food scraps in a plastic bag so that when I got home I could put them in the compost. I was off to a great start!

Oh man I was bummed when we stopped for dinner in downtown Charlottesville and the appetizer came in a basket with wax paper that could not be recycled! I did however bring all the paper napkins home to toss in the compost.

I hate to say that from there it just got worse. I did a little shopping but since I never took a bag I didn't really make trash except for the tag and receipt. Food was a huge problem though. Even with thinking ahead and being prepared I still wound up with a lot of styrofoam and paper plates. Now, these things can be recycled but it was just such a bummer knowing how many places use this stuff. I carried my new Sigg water bottle with me everywhere so at least I was covered when it came to water.

At the end of the weekend this is what I came home with:

All in all not to bad. I definitely skipped out on some things I would have liked to buy but at the end of week three I am still making about the same amount of trash as the first week.

I have 8 days to go. I think I am going to be a little more strict with myself for this final week and see how I do.


pavio said...

This is from Dayva's Dad. I'm extremely happy with how her experiment is going and I'm proud of her perseverence...(stubborness)... I've always HATED waste and I'm learning alot from how Dayva is going about the elimination of her trash. Keep up the good work Honey!!

:: A S K :: said...

ooooh how sweet :) I hope your dad posts about how proud he is of me when I take over the blog!

trashed out said...

I hope you are getting ready Ashley!! Your month starts in just a few days! I am very excited to read your posts.