And so it begins......

Sunday June 1st:
First day of the challenge proved to be quite a "challenge". Also exhausting! By the end of the day my head hurt from all the attention I was giving to not making trash. I had literally made enough trash to fit in the palm of my hand.

Here are a few things that I will need to find a way around as I continue through the month.

Why if there is already a bar code on everything and a tag on the shelf must they put a little price sticker on every single thing?! Even organic fruit! Luckily it is summer and I know of some farm stands I can go to but that limits me to what is in season and close to my area. In the meantime, I'll just pick through every apple and
find the ones they missed!

Now most tags are paper/cardboard and can be recycled. But every tag
is attached by a little piece of plastic and I don't believe it is the
kind of plastic that can be recycled. I mean, they even stuck my poor
pineapple with one of those!

Rubber bands and food tags:
I try to only buy organic produce but even my broccoli had a rubber band and a tag, both of which could not be recycled.

Food packaging:
This seems to be a big one. Sure the box that the veggie burgers and frozen pizza come in can be recycled but then the actual food is wrapped in plastic which can not go in the recycling. Stay tuned for homemade pizza and veggie burgers!!

Tea bags:
The less-expensive brand I was buying was a packaging nightmare. Each tea bag was individually wrapped and each label fastened by a staple. I did find an alternative but at $6 a tin, I better stick to the loose tea and get a teapot for my office. Actually, a teapot for my office sounds quite cute. Hmm... lunch time office tea parties? Yes, please! FYI: tea bags without the string and staple can go in the compost!

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webitosis said...

Lunchtime tea sound fab! I was thinking about this the other day -- maybe 2ish? I think we need more of this at work.

Love the blog! I think this is a grand idea - keep it up.