Been away for awhile.....

I really stepped away for awhile with this whole blog thing. I admit I got a little caught up with life and really didn't have anything "Trash Free" to post.
It is more important now to live simply then just seven months ago when I started this blog. With the uncertainty of the economy everyone seems to be looking for ways to be more frugal. Or as I like to put it "being more mindful of what we consume".
This has inspired me to start blogging again. I am going to take a different approach this time around. Instead of my entries being about me and what I am doing, I am going to search the web for cool links to other people who are doing things more sustainably and creatively. Of course along the way if I find myself doing some particularly cool I will share it with all of you.
Here is my first link to two videos. The first one is about a man who makes tiny houses. Very cool! The second video is about a great little local shop in Burlington VT (where I am from). Both videos are from the vlog "Stuck in Vermont" by Eva Sollberger. Check out her other videos too, she has some very interesting stuff.


One-Week Challenge

Sustainable Dave is finishing up his 365 Days of Trash. To mark the occasion he is proposing the challenge of not throwing anything away for one week (a week from Jan 1-Jan 15). I thought some of the readers/bloggers would be interested.

Click here to read about the One-Week Challenge.

Also he just posted a video talking about his Challenge as well.

View the Video here.

I am going to take part in the challenge since the 30 Day challenge proved to be a little too much for me. :) j


xmas non-shopping

It's been a little quiet over here on No Trash and has been awhile since I stopped back in to say "hi". I'm sure December would be a hard time for anyone to do the no trash challenge, with all of the holiday hoopla that goes on ... so I just wanted to remind everyone to buy handmade!!

While yes, you can try to validate your spending at Macy's or Old Navy by saying "I'm stimulating the economy" ... it's the little people who need you more right now!!

Etsy.com is one of my favorite sites where you can find gorgeous, beautifully crafted items while having the luxury of knowing where they came from. And some of the artists really do a lovely job of packaging things. It can take awhile to find that perfect item, but is the mall really any better? Who wouldn't prefer a gorgeous hand made scarf to the same one everyone else has from the Gap? A good place to start is by looking at the "Featured Sellers". The Etsy editors also put together some great themed articles that feature pieces from various sellers, so that can be helpful too. And if all else fails, there are some fool proof gift guides.

And as for cards, why not consider a simple video this year? Save on paper, mailing, transportation costs and impress your friends at the same time. For instance, check out this video I did for my company this year.


Want vs. Need

I find most of my trash comes from consuming. Whether it be the packaging on a new purchase or containers from take out.

Today was the 17th Annual Buy Nothing Day which is an international protest against consumerism.

Earlier this month I tried to buy as little as possible for a whole week. It really makes you think about using items you already have, as well as borrowing or just plain doing without. Well that whole experiment lasted one week. Then I went on a spending frenzy, buying anything and everything I was thinking about while I was on my "diet". So while Buy Nothing Day is not as extreme as what I was trying to do, it still makes a lot of sense just to take a day to reflect on really what we need rather than what we want. And really I am pretty lucky, and do not need as much as the general public would want me to believe.


For the Guys

Men: Do not look at previous post if you do not want to read about periods.

Here is a post for you! (Women welcome)


I compiled some articles from around the internet (feel free to do your own search)
And these are what I found the most interesting.

1. Condom Sense: First Article that comes up on Google. Worth a read, was written in 2006.

2. Gorgeously Green's take on Red Wine & Condoms:
It’s hard to recommend an organic wine, as everyone’s tastes are so different. Best to go to a good wine seller, who buys from organic wineries, and get their advice.
Onto condoms! There aren’t really any eco-friendly condoms per se. Condoms are either made from latex, which is biodegradable, lambskin – also biodegradable or polyurethane, which is not biodegradable. Most condoms you buy are made out of latex, however, it won’t biodegrade in water – so never flush a condom down the toilet (can easily block pipes or end up in rivers and streams). The best thing to do is to wrap it up in a piece of toilet roll and put in your regular trash – its best gravesite is a landfill! Lambskin can be a viable choice, however, it doesn’t protect against any diseases- so only recommended for seriously monogamous relationships! Female condoms are made of polyurethane. So there’s the skinny on condoms.

3. Tree Hugger on Brazilian Amazon Condoms:
Natex condoms are 10% more cost-effective to produce and that native latex is also more resistant for having 50% less minerals than cultivation latex.

Please post your own ideas or links to articles about Environmental Condoms. But please do not reuse!

Back On Track

I have to admit, I haven't been the best blogger this site has seen. But I'm going to try my best to be more on top of it the rest of the month!

I know TrashedOut has mentioned this before, but because it is something us girls need every month, I figured it was worth to talk about again. Its
a change that's as simple as changing to reusable bags from plastic and makes a big impact. *Saves money too!

Diva Cups myths dispelled.
1. They are difficult to use: Yes at the beginning it was a
bit hard, but once you get used to it, you'll be thinking why haven't I done this before?

2. It is messy:
"Almost every woman's initial reaction to The DivaCup is, "Ewww! That's gross!” When tampons were first introduced it took quite a while before the concept caught on. Once you take the time to learn about The DivaCup, and actually try it for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised about how clean and NOT messy it really is. " ~ DivaCup.com

3. They are uncomfortable: You do not feel it, just like a tampon.

4. They are not sanitary:
They are very easy to clean. Boiling it in water every so often. I find they are more sanitary than tampons since they don't disrupt the natural flow, and don't contain any irritants. " The DivaCup is made from top quality, healthcare grade silicone, which is 100% hypoallergenic, latex-free and odorless." ~DivaCup.com

I got mine just about a year ago. And it took a while to use it regularly. I still have tampons and pads, and usually alternate between all 3. Not this month!

Please go to http://www.divacup.com/en/home/faqs/ to have all your questioned answered. You won't regret it!


New Things

So I have some new things in my life.

My first is a couple of rescue kittens. They are 5 months and 6 months old. So not tiny kittens, but they are still super cute and playful. Leo and Sabrina. I purchased flushable kitty litter, but have high hopes of training them to use the toilet (ala "meet the parents") so to not make trash at all! I gone a little nuts buying kitten toys for them but it's all good.

My second new thing is a bag. Yes a bag. Now I'm not the type who loves shopping and lives for the next biggest trend or has a closet full of shoes. But I did splurge and got this really cool bag made from old ad banners. And the straps are seat belts. I absolutely love it! I'm trying not to product place too much. The company is called Alchemy Goods "Turning Useless into Useful" is their slogan.